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Simplified spend for your entire business

Effortlessly streamline your organization’s expenses with Corpay’s commercial card solutions. No more fumbling through your wallet to find the right card for your purchase or payment – enjoy a single program built specifically for you.

  • Simplify processes with paperless reporting and reconciliation
  • Earn unlimited, monthly cash rebates
  • Review and approve on-the-go with remote processes
  • Implement quickly with ERP-agnostic integration

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Streamline your T&E expenses with a centralized program that offers rebates at nationwide locations.

Purchasing Card

Empower employees with a fully customizable card for simple purchasing of goods and services.

Ghost Card

Effortlessly make purchases with reusable account numbers and spending limits that reset automatically.

Fleet Card

Optimize fuel and vehicle maintenance payments with detailed reporting and tracking by vehicle.


Consolidate all spend into one versatile piece of plastic, tailor-made to fit yourorganization’s specific needs.

Virtual Card

Enhance security and visibility with digital, single-use card payments.

Corporate Commercial

Simplify your organizational spend for all T&E expenses.

#1 B2B commercial Mastercard®
issuer in North America

We build bigger, better card programs and ensure hassle-free spend from start to finish


in total card payment spend


in annual cash rebates


vendor enrollment rate
compared to industry avg

Drive growth with efficient,
secure payments

Streamline expenses with an all-in-one program
Consolidate all T&E, fuel, and expense cards into one intelligent, bank-agnostic program
Maximize working capital with unbeatable rewards
Earn monthly cash rebates within our 3.8M vendor network, all while enjoying T&E benefits and rebates nationwide
Mitigate fraud risk with robust security
Protect your payments with the backing of our comprehensive security and compliance infrastructure
Control all your spend
Utilize our intelligent mobile app to access approvals, powerful reporting, and clear analytics at your fingertips
”We needed a better card and spend management solution to serve everyone faster and deliver a better experience for end users.”
Lori Brody
Controller - Carolina Automotive
Check volume reduced to
less than 100 per month
Time savings of 12 to 18
hours per month for AP staff
Check supply cost

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